#dressltd Gingham Prairie Dress meets Tablecloth meets Pyjamas meets Pillowcase = Home Wear #makeyourself at home
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Prairie Dress meets Pillowcase meets Pyjamas meets Tablecloth.
Dorothy wants to go home…..

Capsule created for The Chronicles of LA 2: SELF
Dec 7-9th, Downtown Los Angeles

Make Your Self At Home is the start of a ongoing project of garments that segue into home wear/ware – referencing pillows, table cloths, bedspreads – designed to offer physical comfort and a sense of belonging when you wear or look at them, regardless of your actual physical ‘home’ situation. Items that allow you a symbolic, funny, personal home space. First home - body; second home, clothes; third home, physical shelter; fourth home, the outside world. (We could continue with these layers into deepest space, our original home on a cellular and elemental level).

They were devised bearing in mind our longing for a true home, and the nostalgia for the securities and consolations (or otherwise) of childhood.

Some of these new pieces want to be pillows, but the larger pieces are also based on the dimensions of canvas stretchers, the starting point of the traditional painting. So these garments can be displayed on a wall, hung from a frame, or worn by a human and hung from their frame. Hybrid Multiples, as we all are.