DRESS/ Notes on SEX:
for the Chronicles of LA, Chapter 1

Activity aimed at creating temporary connection between disparate elements for purposes of pleasure, power, peace, release or other diverse and variable (even within the act itself) reasons.

May be motivated by a need to complete a missing or underpowered part or quality within the self which is sensed electrically, magnetically, chemically in the other - often below the level of conscious awareness.

Possible evolutionary tool to teach through intense attachment and desire the necessity of letting go.

Due to its magnetic nature and innate power to drive action at a level not easily controlled or understood, is often used as a means to sell – by offering aural or visual triggers to suggest possibilities of sensation, gratification, power and peer approval or domination in association with the purchased object or experience.

Used as a means of religious and social control - ideas of what is permitted and therefore clean and contractually acceptable, or taboo and therefore dirty and sinful, anarchic.

Used as a means of rebellion - to demonstrably flout social and religious boundaries of permissible behaviour, to show individualism, suggest freedom.

Used as companion currency and in polarity with the other main social mode of energy exchange: money. One may be used to top up a deficit of the other, as required, in order to achieve or maintain a certain position or status. Plenty of one can be traded for some of the other, as it were.

The main activity of the ‘oldest profession’; a thing to trade. Particularly and historically amongst the chronically economically and socially excluded.

A method of achieving a particular intimacy and knowledge of another by physical means, and in turn granting that access to oneself.  A private ritual, a sacrament.

A concession, performed out of a sense of obligation to a prior conjugal, emotional or implicit social agreement.

Often avoided by those dedicated to their work or vocation, who seek to maintain control and avoid distraction, entanglement or bondage to the physical and emotional realms for reasons of productivity or enlightenment. In this case the sexual urge may be described as sublimated into the work, and repressed desire found to be sub-textually visible in the narrative of otherwise seemingly unconnected outputs.

Can be used as means to reproduce species where biologically necessary.

As a fairly recent phenomena for the last two millennia - in synergy with the growth of monotheistic religion and other systems of patriarchal domination - used as a means of defining a species member into one of only two ‘gender’ groups: quantifying the power of each for hierarchical convenience, mass exploitation and breeding purposes.  Now moving out of popular definitive use.

A punishment; a primitive demonstration of power, revenge, ownership. An act of war.

An ecstatic interchange and access point to timelessness.

The area in which a society most clearly demonstrate its most basic mechanisms, and level of advancement.