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DRESS SUPER BASIC Super Size Double Breasted Fertility T #dressltd

DRESS SUPER BASIC: White 3 Headed Double Breasted Vest #dressltd

COMING capsule series for SS19, if seasons still existed….

They're basics, but SUPER
Classics, cut-up.
Comforting, familiar, but a little complicated...

Each item in the new SUPER BASICS capsule series expresses a formal brokenness - has been cut open and re-cohered, or is in parts and re-assembled to be worn, held together to form a garment...interrupted, reinterpreted, re-assembled, broken open.

(white) SHIRT/(broken) little BLACK DRESS/
conceptual T SHIRTs/SWEATSHIRT comforters
rehabilitated PRINT dresses...


SUPER BASICS (better for having been broken) is the first commercially available collection from DRESS and is the follow up to the CRISIS collection and follows the principles of the Crisis Manifesto of make. Selected items from the previous CRISIS collection will also be available to order. Pre-order available for December 2018- January 2019.

for more information, or to see the collection online, in London or Paris…